Thursday, 23 April 2015


Alexa moved to my school at the begining of this year. I never payed attention to her. I didn't know her either. When I found out who she was and that she only had 1 friend I totally wanted to be her friend. We are BEST FRIENDS NOW.She has brown hair. She is VERY pretty.She is also a little shy. She also has a PERFECT smile.


I knew Courtney since grade 2. We were not friends. When we became friends we were in grade 4. It really took a wile for us to stich things up! her b-day is April 21. She has dirty blond hair.


I knew Lacey ever since 2014 Summer. Every Tuesday we saw each other at Mateway. I was happy when she moved to my school. She has dirty blond hair.


I knew Alyssa since grade 2. Her b-day is April 8. She ALWAYS has something to say. She has brown hair.


I knew Victoria since grade 1. We usually call her Tori. She moved away at the end of grade 2 so I'm trying to find her mail adress. She has dark brown hair always with a streek or feather.


I knew Kaily since grade 1. She has very light brown hair


I knew Isabelle since grade 1. She has strawberry blond hair. Her b-day is June 9.